About Farwell Furry Friend

I think the loss of a pet is unlike any other loss we face in our lifetime and we need a place to go to know that we are not alone and to find a little peace.  I hope that by sharing my feelings, struggles and stories I will be able to bring a little comfort to those pet owners who are dealing with the loss of a pet. 

While Farewell Furry Friend deals with pet loss and bereavement I think it is important that this blog progress as pet owners move through the stages of grief.  To be a useful blog, Farewell Furry Friend will need to tackle a range of topics such as:  deciding to get another pet after a beloved pet dies, unique human and canine relationships, posts regarding various canine medical issues, interviews with professionals from the pet industry, pet adoption and animal issues.

Grief moves each of us in different ways.  If you would like to share the story of a beloved pet, please visit the contact page.

Farewell Furry Friend was created after Mike and I encountered problems with our originial website Thursday Night Suppers.