We adopted Molly from a family who just didn't have the time for her. They gave us a brief history of her life. Molly had started out as a pet store puppy but when the pet store let all the animals get infected with serious cases of ringworm, a rescue group from Missouri, Casey’s Habitat, stepped in and rescued Molly. The people at the rescue group affectionately named the Boston Terrier puppy Phat Girl—apparently even as puppy Molly was chubby.

Molly came home with us and immediately made our house a home. Molly filled our home with antics: she loved to tease Mike, run through the house and eat. She gave us so many years of love and laughter and she taught us many lessons about life.

Unfortunately, in July of 2009 our laughter was replaced by tears when Molly was diagnosed with an irreversible kidney disease. The day we had to put Molly to sleep was the hardest, saddest day of our lives. Before our vet came into the room we promised Molly that we would live a life that would make her proud of us.

Mike and I know that we never want to forget Molly and through this blog we are able to remember Molly and maybe bring a little peace into the lives of pet owners who have lost their furry friend.

People use to tell us that we saved Molly, but really, she saved us.

Molly Smith: September 23, 2001 to July 7, 2009