Friday, February 12, 2010

Adoptable Tail-Wagger: Dexter (ADOPTED!)

Dexter is a sweet little Pug who is being fostered near Long View Lake (located off of I-470 in Missouri - not far from the I-435 -"Triangle").

This little guy will follow you all over the house and wants nothing more than to be loved. I do have to warn you. He has breathe that could wake the dead! :) I think some puppy breathe mints would help.

Dexter was found as a stray. The rescue group, Furry Kids, thinks he was loved by someone. He his missing an eye and has a steel pin in his back leg. They think he was hit by a car. And obviously, someone loved him enough to save his life.

Dexter is sweet, gentle and fun.

Here is his Petfinder's link

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