Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dog Blog Award is having a dog blog contest to identify the 20 best dog blogs. I need your help. I have entered Farewell Furry Friend in the contest because I believe this blog is unique in providing grieving pet owners a place to visit and realize they are not alone and find a little comfort during their grieving process.

To vote for Farewell Furry Friend please go to and enter the following 5-digit code, hK8Jz

Farewell Furry Friend needs 50 votes by February 20, 2010 to advance to the second round. In round 2,'s in-house training experts will manually review each of the blogs that received at least 50 votes to determine who advances onto round 3.


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  1. this is so interesting! by the way, visit this page and your pet will look incredible! see you there! :)